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Nutrition and training to support life

not the other way around

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Hi! My name is Heather and I'm here to help you eat and train in a way that supports a life full of adventure. I want you to be hiking, playing, and exploring with confidence for a long time. Let's chat about how Fringe Fitness coaching can help you reach your goals!

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Heather is not like one of your normal trainers - she’s more than that.  She knows that one thing might work for someone, but it might not work for you.  Heather is great to work with and you could really talk with her about anything!


I'm so lucky to have been working with Heather for the past year. Her work-outs are easy to follow, appropriately challenging and diverse enough to stay interesting and the app tool is very easy to use. She gives feedback regularly & is always an engaging cheerleader to reach your goals!


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